Granuloma Annulare (GA). This is a benign condition that causes small pink, reddish or purple bumps on the skin, typically in groups, and often in a circular arrangement. They can occur anywhere, but the forearms, elbows, backs of the hands and legs and feet are most common. This condition is more common in children and young adults. Most lesions are asymptomatic, but they may itch or burn. Granuloma annulare may resolve without treatment, may respond to treatment or may not improve despite multiple treatment attempts. Topical or injected steroids are treatment options in addition to light treatments and in rare cases, systemic immunosuppressive medications.

Pyogenic Granuloma. Pyogenic granuloma is a rapid-growing, fragile, red bump that often bleeds and scabs over. Causes include skin injury, certain medications and pregnancy. It is most frequently found on the scalp, fingers, face and lips. Some lesions resolve spontaneously, but other require multiple treatments. Treatments include topical anticoagulants such as silver nitrate, heat or electrocautery and surgical excision.